Red & Gold Ball


Reem Nasrah is a ball of energy!  Innovative; Creative; Introduces new ideas and methods as opposed to relying solely on past practices.   She is an effective communicator with expertise in the development of implementations which improve the educational experience.  As an involved PTA member for over a decade, she recognized how essential it was to incorporate further communications between   parents, teachers  and students, OUTSIDE the classroom.  Reem considers social development to be just as important as  reading, writing and arithmetic.  Nasrah founded and created the annual (after hours) "Red And Gold" Ball  at Ponderosa.  This fun-filled event strengthened ties between the entire faculty, students and parents.  The idea was adopted and is  currently 

on-going!   Kuddos to all the teachers and parents who volunteered their time and efforts to attain such a successful outcome! 

Decorations and Preparations


Dance! Dance! Dance!


The Carnival


Reem Nasrah's background includes proven abilities to define and resolve specific problems resulting in increased productivity and decreased expenditures.  To help raise money to purchase various programs  for the school (Accelerated  Reader), Reem founded and created "The Carnival" at Ponderosa.  The event included games, activities, raffles and prizes.   Parents, teachers, and students enjoyed the opportunity spending time together in a fun and creative atmosphere..  The event was a complete success  as it generated the needed funds. 

Winter Carnival

Games, Gifts & Prizes

Fun! Fun! Fun!

  It was a thrill to see all the young students enjoy themselves with the games and activities. We were very fortunate to have amazing parents help make this event a total success!!